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Subconscious Clearing, Healing and Transformation

Are you tired of talking about your same issues or repeating destructive patterns?

Are hurtful events along with looping thoughts or feelings replaying through your mind?

Most therapies are problem-focused and time-intensive. In contrast, Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) is outcome-focused and provides fast relief and results. If you are ready to get unstuck from an outdated and limited life story, RRT is for you. Only a few 2 hour sessions are needed to experience dramatic and lasting transformation. You may also elect half day or full day meetings at your convenience. Free yourself from your past and live your best life now.

When left unresolved, trauma, distress, or relational conflict negatively impacts your emotional and physical health. Imprints from the past drive cycles of shame, blame, or victimhood. We feel unloved, insecure, or “not enough”, which leads to internal pressure and tension. RRT creates an interpersonal healing experience that rewires the emotional brain, provides resolution, and empowering solutions. Through this accelerated neurobiologically-based psychotherapy, you integrate new meaning and put an ending to your old story. You reconnect with your inner resources of wisdom, creativity, peace, passion, and purpose.

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What is Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT)?

RRT is an innovative approach incorporates hypnotic communication to clear stuck personal and interpersonal patterns at the subconscious level.

Dr. Jon Connelly is the founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy®. This innovative approach incorporates hypnotic communication to clear stuck personal and interpersonal patterns at the subconscious level. Emotionally charged memories from the past are re-consolidated and desensitized. You do not have to talk about the details of your distress and therefore you will not re-experience painful emotions. Instead, you are guided to engage in deep brain processing to create an internal shift that changes automatic feelings, thoughts, and actions. Transformation happens within your brain and nervous system creating lasting positive effects. Changes include enhanced mood, ease of being, clarity of mind, focus, and power.

RRT is effective for many of life’s problems including:

• PTSD, Sexual Abuse and Childhood Abuse

• Grief, Infidelity and Heartbreak

• Relationship issues

• Anger and Resentment

• Guilt and Shame

• Self-doubt and Self-consciousness

• Anxiety and Fear

• Nightmares and Insomnia

• Issues contributing to medical problems

Clearing Old Stuff and Making Way for New Beginnings

If you have been unable to change how you feel, think or act, it is likely that you are being affected by experiences from your past. When something is highly distressing, it slams into awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished, deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the distressing event is still occurring. Emotional problems, interpersonal difficulties and destructive behaviors are impossible to overcome when fueled by the ongoing influence of past events. You may consciously understand the value of changing a behavior, but unless your deeper mind is transformed, change is not likely. In RRT the subconscious mind is engaged, and the influence of past events is eliminated. Energy that was blocked is released and healing takes place. Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by well-being, empowerment, and productivity.

What happens in an RRT Session?

Trauma is stored in the mind and body. Through RRT, you will experience profound physiological calm and you will be guided towards emotional resolution in a gentle, creative and even humorous way. You access inner resources of light and wisdom. You step into the awareness of your true self. As John Holland states: “we all have a beautiful light within, we just sometimes forget it is there”. From this enlightened place, disturbing memories are easily reframed with new meaning. You will leave the session feeling peaceful and sourced from within by a free-flowing energy.

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